Contesta is a platform designed for photo contests. It allows you, on the one hand to introduce the contest to your audience (under your chosen subdomain) and allows the photographers on the other hand to participate in the contest. The users can register, login, upload his/her pictures and the administrator can configure several parts of the process (categories, fees, allowed image types etc). For more details regarding Contesta read this or contact us.

Votesta is a judging platform. This means it starts where Contesta ends. It takes the images of the participants and lets you judge and award the pictures. The results created from the judging process can then be re-imported to Contesta in order to send the results to the participants and to create and publish results pages.

Contesta and Votesta are separate products because some organizations have an existing judging system they are used to. Contesta aims to be open for all judging platforms. The interface specification can be found in the developer section.

The price is dependent on several factors that cannot be easily put on a price list. Some of them are: Number of participants, number and size of pictures, domains, timeline of the contest, how long the results should be available online, how are you going to judge the images. To easy the process up, we created a price calculator which helps you estimate the price and ask for an offer. There are also special rates for universities, schools and non-profit purposes. Don't be shy - contact us for a quote.

No matter how old or new your judging system is - the answer is yes. Contesta was built with the purpose to be connected to judging systems. That means that the information entered by the participants and the images uploaded can be exported in several formats and be imported into the judging system. The newest version of Contesta even lets you configure the file names being exported without the need of a user renaming his/her files accordingly. With this functionality you could for example tell Contesta to give you all images in the following format: "surname forename - image category - image title . file extension". A summary of the specifications of the files generated can be found in the developer section.

Yes, they are fully responsive. The easiest way to try this out is by looking at this site with your device. It's the same front-end technology.

This depends on how many people, from which country and timezone registered for the presentation. Usually, we also try to group the presentations according to interests. You can simply register for a free presentation and add your interests and timezone in the message.

Contesta and Votesta Online are sold as Software as a Service. This means you don't need to have your own webspace or server. Contesta is built on a scaling cloud infrastructure to be able to deal with request peaks that usually occur close to a deadline. Big contests reach a transmission volume of 20 to 40 GB in the last hours before the deadline. This will crash - or at least slow down - most servers. Contesta is built in a way so this is avoided. Self-hosting would influence the customer experience negatively and is therefore not offered. If you are interested in a white, or grey labeled version of Contesta or Votesta feel free to contact us. We also offer special bulk rates to key accounts.

Data protection and security is one of the cornerstones of Contesta and Votesta. The systems are designed to only ask for the needed information and to save them as secure as possible. This cannot be overstated: The rights to the images uploaded to Contesta stay with the creators! The organizer can add usage rights to the Terms of Service (so he/she can use them for publishing, printing etc.), but otoso og will not have any rights to use/sell/publish the images other than saving them and using them in the contest software (e.g. for judging or gallery generation of your contest).

Yes! For volunteering and internships you can contact us. Job offers are usually posted in the career section, but we are always open for unsolicited applications.

Contesta is developed in agile sprints, meaning that there are several new stable versions a month. Since we don't intend to create a mass product, but to consult and talk to each customer we rather present Contesta and Votesta personally - either in an online presentation or offline. For a glimpse into the features of the products you can refer to the product descriptions, our videos on the main page or simply register for a free, non-binding presentation.

We are not an advertising agency, but we could refer you to contest organizers that need financing (for example a contest for a good cause). Just contact us for further details.

After purchasing, it can take up to 48 hours until the contest is available. In urgent cases we can reduce the setup-time down to 2 hours if needed.

This question can not be answered in general. A usual photo contest with Contesta and Votesta Online works as follows:

  • Contesta is installed and initialized
    As a result you receive your login information
  • The contest is configured by you
    This is done in an easy 5 step process
  • The contest is advertised by you
    And optionally put on our twitter feed
  • Photographers register and upload pictures
    Depending on the contest configuration they also pay fees
  • The judging process is initialized
    Judges are invited via invite link
  • First judging round is done by the judges (optional)
    Usually to filter out bad or illegal pictures
  • A second judging round is done
    Either with judges or social media facebook
  • Awards are given to images, users or groups
    For example medals or prizes
  • Results are published
    As single emails to the participants and results pages