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Otoso was founded by a team of photographers and programmers. It all started in Vienna, Austria, where an experienced photographer and photo contest organizer explained his time consuming experience with photo contests and the lack of software support.

Based on the experience of RISE, an Austria-based research and development company and the team's knowledge in user interface design and programming it was able to create a first version of a contest platform that immediately convinced salon organizers and participants. After several years of development, the product portfolio grew to cover the whole process of photo contest organisation and is still growing with more features and products being added.

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Otoso blue

Hex: #1f8ebf
R:31 G:142 B:191
C:84 M:26 Y:0 K:25

Contesta violet

Hex: #5a69db
R:90 G:105 B:219
C:59 M:52 Y:0 K:14

Votesta cyan

Hex: #1bafa7
R:27 G:175 B:167
C:85 M:0 Y:5 K:31


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