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With the help of Otoso Cost Calculator you can easily configure and estimate your Contest. Choose between Contesta Upload Platform or Contesta and Votesta full Contest bundle and add or remove the needed packages to your needs.

If you need any further help with calculating your costs or do have any questions feel free to contact us.


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Frequently asked Questions

The standalone version of Contesta includes the user registration and management, upload and results handling platform only. So you can create a page where people can participate in your photo contest and in the end export the participation information.
The bundle adds a judging system to the offer. It is used to take the uploaded images and judge them, award prices and create results. These are then again used in Contesta to publish or send to users.

There is no problem and no need to specify your usage in advance. The cost calculator above gives you full transparency on how we calculate the costs. Therefore you can calculate several scenarios. The costs are re-calculated after the contest is finished - so we only charge what has actually been used.

The contest fees are paid fifty percent before the contest starts, based on your usage estimation (done with the Cost Calculator above). After the contest is finished, the actual usage and costs costs are calculated and charged.

Payment can be done via SEPA, international Bank transfer or PayPal.

After purchasing, it can take up to 48 hours until the contest is available

You will receive an official offer from us with a contract. You return the contract signed (via E-Mail or Fax). After this is done we start the setup of your contest.

Before the setup has been done you can cancel your order at any time for free. After the setup has been done we have to charge the efforts that already occurred, but will not charge you for the whole contest. If you are not sure if Contest or Votesta is the right choice you are better off by asking for a test access or a presentation.